Saturday, July 21, 2018

Rostelecom showcases e-learning solutions at Seliger civil society forum

Russian telecommunications provider Rostelecom continued its "E-School of the Future" educational technology campaign at last week's Seliger 2014 civil society forum.

"E-School of the Future" is an interactive learning session that demonstrates the potential of Rostelecom's cloud platform in use in educational institutions. During the session, Rostelecom representatives showcased the company's advancements in online and interactive learning, including its new electronic diary, electronic magazines and textbooks and online registration programs. The company further demonstrated how cloud-based educational programs can help teachers disseminate information and supplemental academic resources to students from outside the classroom.

Rostelecom said it hopes to gain the interest of educational institutions throughout Russia for its online learning systems by showing how digital versions of learning materials such as textbooks, manuals, tests and laboratory work will ultimately save students and school systems money.

Students and teachers would be able to connect to Rostelecom's online educational portals through mobile devices and tablet computers. Teachers and students connected to the portal can exchange video and audio resources as well as utilize interactive learning tools such as maps and models. Additionally, teachers will be able to make edits, updates and provide supplements directly to the digitized textbooks to better help students grasp subject matter.

"Participation in the Seliger 2014 civic forum is an opportunity to present innovative solutions in the field of information and education to get feedback from a large number of today's young teachers from across the country," Rostelecom head of product development Yakob Mendeleev said. "We hope that teachers who attend the session will be the followers of our technology in their schools."