Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Public transit operators tell Polevskoy officials private vehicles overtake bus lanes

Public transportation operators and riders in Polevskoy recently began lodging complaints to municipal officials due to an increase of privately-operated vehicles driving in bus lanes.

Such private transportation companies as cabs, van services and private coach buses are overcrowding lanes believed to be used only by municipal busses and are leading to hours-long delays in service, according to residents. Private vehicle operators, however, maintain that there is no official law prohibiting their operation in those lanes, Oblastnaya Gazeta reports.

"Who owns the bus company that carries passengers around the city does not matter," Institute of Transport Economics and Transport Policy Director Mikhail Blinkin said, according to Oblastnaya Gazeta. "Principled entirely different question: whether there is a single frame in the organization of transport or not? City shall specify the frame in which the work is absolutely all carriers. There is an ideal model, called the German. City sets the system routes and schedules format. Once this framework is given, the city invites carriers to perform transport work. That is buying from carriers transport services. At the expense of public money? All proceeds go to a cashier. A kind of urban structure, organizing transportation, accumulates money, sometimes in the same piggy bank comes and a city subsidy. And the money the city is buying from carriers flights. A modern gadget allows you to record [whether] the carrier completed work on his route or not."

Polevskoy officials have begun to explore a compromise through engaging private companies to perform transportation work on behalf of the city. This year, however, many residents of Polevskoy indicated the public/private collaboration was unsuccessful because the city was only able to engage two private carriers, Krasnov and Shakhmina, to participate and officially earn the right to utilize bus lanes. Residents said private coaches operated by companies besides Krasnov and Shakhmina continued to use restricted lanes.

Meanwhile, some officials have proposed a more punitive proposal to private vehicle operators. One official has tried twice to pass an administrative law that would fine private vehicle operators up to $1,600 for driving in designated bus lanes, Oblastnaya Gazeta reports.