Friday, June 22, 2018

PepsiCo hosts training session for raw milk producers in Ryazan

Last week, PepsiCo held a training session on methods to improve milk cow herd production with raw milk producers in Ryazan.

Ryazan was the second of five cities to host the two-day seminar. PepsiCo first presented the session in Vladimir in late July. After Ryazan, the seminar will travel to Krasnodar, Omsk and Nizhny Novogorod throughout August, September and October.

The seminar--"Effective mechanisms to improve herd reproduction"--features a theoretical knowledge portion which deals with methods of animal welfare, herd reproduction and decision-making techniques for profitable milk production. Attendees also participate in a hands-on portion of the workshop devoted to assessing the exterior of animals diagnosed with metabolic disorders, gynecological diseases and pregnancy in cows and the use of ultrasound scanners on livestock.

"Achieving high rates of reproduction can be compared with the solution sets of equations with many unknowns, each of which is unresolved may nullify all the long and painstaking work of the whole team," session lecturer Dmitry Nikulin said. "Effectiveness of the system depends on the reproductive activities of clarity and coherence in the organization of a number of processes on a dairy farm, key among which are the correct acceptance of calving, successful prevention and treatment of postpartum cows disease, effective identification of animals in hunting, all of which allows you to maintain a consistently high profitability of milk production."

Since acquiring Russian dairy producer Wimm-Bill-Dann, PepsiCo has become one of the largest milk processors in Russia. PepsiCo is currently developing more educational programs aimed at increasing the quality of milk products throughout Russia.