Thursday, June 21, 2018

UrFU students collaborate with IDGC on technology upgrades in Urals

Ural Federal University's (UrFU) student construction team participated for the first time in a collaborative program with the Interregional Distribution Grid Company of the Urals (IDGC) aimed at upgrading the company's landfill facilities and in-house training center.

The 15 UrFU student participants, each enrolled in UrFU's Ural Power Engineering Institute, assisted IDGC staff in a number of upgrades to the training center's equipment. Over the course of the summer, IDGC staff supervised the students as they dismantled old equipment and prepared various sites throughout their facilities for the installation of newer, more efficient equipment.

Most notably, UrFU students successfully installed a state-of-the-art power transformer at IDGC's primary facility. Operating at a capacity of 7.5 megavolt-amperes, the power transformer is equipped with a vacuum switch for outdoor functionality and is directly linked with IDGC's existing high-frequency communication processing equipment.

"Construction of the training ground is very important and [a] necessary experience," UrFU crew leader Vladislav Tretiak said. "We found the energy within, live to see that studying form textbooks. Work on power has passed through our hands and heart. We are delighted that the largest network of experts in the region have given us the opportunity to go to school specialist substations and equipment repairman."

IDGC plans to continue its partnership with UrFU's Ural Power Engineering Institute by creating future hands-on learning opportunity with students. Later this year, the company plans to begin a yearly program allowing up to 20 UrFU students to work collaboratively with IDGC staff to service its relay and electrical network systems.