Saturday, July 21, 2018

Samsung, Rostelecom showcase Tab4 10.1 for use in Russian schools

Samsung Electronics and Russian telecommunications supplier Rostelecom conducted a joint educational session on Monday, showcasing the capabilities of Samsung's new Tab4 10.1 for potential use in Russian schools.

The interactive class, "School of the Future," was held at Russia's College of Communications No. 54 and was open to the school's students and educators, as well as students and faculty members from nearby preschools and elementary schools. During the session representatives from both Samsung and Rostelecom demonstrated how the tablet may be used to replace textbooks and how, with an internet connection, students using the tablet may enhance their understanding of a variety of topics through interactive applications during class.

"Modern students are living in the digital age, actively using them in everyday life," Samsung Marketing Director of Corporate Sales Jamila Kamenev said. "Innovative tablet for education Samsung--the best and very timely solution for students who are ready to adapt a new level of interactive sessions with the use of electronic textbooks and other multimedia materials and are able to quickly learn the new format with the use of digital technologies in the educational process. The tablet will provide a fascinating high-tech process of conducting lessons, which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on students' motivation, information saturation lessons and as a result, the learning outcomes."

Samsung has developed a specialized operating system for their tablets already in use throughout Russian schools. They can connect to the school's networks so that teachers may access grading software and collect assignments remotely. Teachers may also use the tablets to create original educational materials and share supplemental instructional aids in the form of audio and video lectures to students outside of the classroom.

"Informatization of Education is a topic [to which] Rostelecom pays close attention," Rostelecom's head of development Yakov Mendeleev. "'School of the Future' is one of the federal projects implemented by Rostelecom for the general education system. It is incredibly complex due to the scale [of the project], so implementation is very important to have a world-class partner. It is a partner we found in the face of Samsung, whose experience and latest developments can help significantly improve the quality of education in Russia."