Sunday, July 15, 2018

Yekaterinburg celebrates 128th anniversary of first daily newspaper

Monday marked the 128th anniversary of the first issue of the "Yekaterinburg Business Correspondent," the first daily newspaper published in the city.

Released August 18, 1886, the inaugural issue of the "Correspondent" was edited and published by Nicholas Strizhev, who started the periodical to serve members of the Ural area's rapidly-growing business community. Under the direction of Strizhev, the newspaper mostly published certificates, announcements and advertising. Strizhev remained Business the editor and publisher for the first three years of the publication's existence, reports.

Following Strizhev's departure from the daily in December of 1869, the newspaper's editorship was assumed by S.S. Ponikovsky and his deputy V.A> Ilyin. During their tenure, Ponikovsky and Ilyin greatly decreased the number of pages dedicated to advertising and began publishing more journalistic features relating to the commercial and industrial sector.

The paper began sharing stories with nationally produced social and literary journals during this period, according to

In 1891, the "Correspondent" began a publishing schedule of six issues per week. The increased production of the newspaper led to major changes in its structure and content. The periodical began reporting on a variety of topics outside the industrial industry, a move that greatly increased the size and scope of its readership.

The paper was purchased by V.N. Alekseev and E.N. Yershov in 1897. The new owners appointed P.N. Galin as the publication's editor. The last edition of the "Correspondent" was published in 1898, following a decision by Alekseev and Yershov to focus their efforts on news that would appeal to the region's general population. In 1899, "Ural Life" became the legal successor of Business Correspondent, reports.