Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Skolkovo space, telecom cluster presents projects before Russian space industry

Last Friday, a panel of representatives from companies in residence at Skolkovo's space and telecommunications cluster presented research to members of the Joint Rocket and Space Corporation (ACCD) and other Russian space industry officials regarding the future of the country's space program.

"Today there are more than a hundred [Skolkovo space cluster] residents and 70 percent of them are doing exactly the cosmos," Skolkovo Fund advisor Sergei Zukov said. "It is very good and is already producing results: in orbit [are] four working Skolkovo machines. Space industry is to tighten private suppliers may be a more effective."

Among the Skolkovo cluster companies represented at the seminar were, Sovzond, Lavochkin, Energie, Russian Space Systems, ISS, Reshetnev and VNIIEM. As members of Skolkovo's cluster entirely devoted to space travel technology, the panelists presented a wide variety of projects in development ranging from ground systems communications and rocket propulsion systems.

"Control systems and system telecommunications spacecraft is the first of a range of measures aimed at establishing a system of interaction between Skolkovo and ACCD," Skolkovo space cluster head Alexei Belyakov said after Friday's meeting. "Experts and staff of the Skolkovo Fund took part in the discussion of the reform space industry expert councils. We are pleased to know that the ongoing reform of the Russian space industry is happening with our participation."

Among the first agenda items for Friday's meeting was a pitch session where space cluster companies presented space technology ideas to government agencies and investment firms in hopes of securing funding. The pitch session was moderated by Dmitry Paison, Skolkovo's director of science.

"A very interesting, good conversation," AACD Deputy Director Yuri Vlasov said. "In order not to repeat what has already been completed--work closely with our companies. I ask my colleagues not to look down, and in every sentence there is something worthy of our attention."