Friday, June 22, 2018

FC Ural youth team's match against Torpedo ends in draw

Ural Yekaterinburg's youth team's fourth-round Russian Championship match against Torpedo ended in a 0-0 draw on Friday.

Held at Yekaterinburg's Central Stadium, the mid-day match began with Ural Yekaterinburg's taking control of the ball within the first minute of gameplay. The team managed to retain offensive dominance over the proceeding 10 minutes before Torpedo was able to attempt an unsuccessful goal against Ural Yekaterinburg goalie Dmitry Arapov.

In the 14th minute of the game, Ural Yekaterinburg's Rezo Gavtadze recovered control of the ball and attempted to score on undefended left side of Torpedo's goal. Immediately following the attempt, Torpedo teammates quickly regained the offensive advantage, which it maintained for 22 minutes. During that time, Torpedo tried to score three times.

Torpedo's control of the ball was surrendered when Ural Yekaterinburg's Nikita Mamanov kicked the ball away from an opponent and raced to Torpedo's goal. Mamanov's goal attempt was thwarted when the Torpedo goalie caught the ball with his hands.

Over the remaining minutes of the game, both teams maintained equal control of the ball. Yekaterinburg's final attempt at scoring came at the 70th minute of the game when Dmitry Arapova rushed on Torpedo's defense from a distance of 40 yards.

Ultimately, neither team was able to break the 0-0 draw. Yekaterinburg Ural's coaching staff later remarked that it was pleased with the team's performance and considered the events of Friday's game to be informative and useful as it continues to develop the team's offensive and defensive strategies throughout the remainder of the Russian Championship.