Monday, June 18, 2018

Growing sinkhole threat in Berezniki prompts relocation of 11 households

The city of Berezniki--home to the Uralkali potash mine--is relocating a select number of its residents after it was discovered that a large sinkhole opened near the mine is rapidly deteriorating.

In total, the occupants of 11 households situated nearest to the mine will be moved to temporary housing on the outskirts of the town. The decision to evacuate the residents came after geologists discovered that the speed at which the sinkhole was growing exceeded almost 5.1 inches per month, Bloomberg reports.

The 1,640-foot sinkhole was first discovered in the area in 2006, shortly after the Uralkali potash mine was opened. The sinkhole has forced mine officials to discontinue use of its railway system and has forced the company to write off approximately five percent of its mineral reserves.

The Uralkali potash mine is situated approximately 994 miles east of Moscow, according to Bloomberg.

The Perm region where the sinkhole is situated is expected to spend $208 million to relocate 12,000 people to specially designed homes by 2017.