Saturday, July 21, 2018

Skolkovo takes part in Moscow Region Construction Week

The Skolkovo Fund was a key collaborator in this year's Moscow Region Construction Week, an annual international industrial exhibition held in Moscow.

Moscow Region Construction Week brings together representatives from construction technology companies, developers and members of regional companies to present ideas and technologies which will benefit the infrastructural development of the Moscow region. The annual event is hosted by the Moscow regional government with support from the Russian Ministry of Construction and Housing and Communal Services.

During this year's event, Skolkovo presented draft designs for the development of the region's Central Zone. Included in the designs were a transport hub in IFC Square, a business center and a new Skolkovo facility called Technopark Tech University.

Prior to the conference, Skolkovo was collaborating with the Moscow Joint Directorate to generate technologically-forward infrastructural facilities in the region. The collaborators consulted a number of real estate investors in the area to select optimal locations throughout Moscow and its surrounding region for its construction projects.

After presenting its designs, representatives from the Skolkovo Fund were on-hand during the conference to participate in roundtable discussions on the region's infrastructural development and to answer questions from attendees.

A total of 190 exhibitors participated in the 16th Moscow Region Construction Week.