Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Yekaterinburg's Museum of History debuts second episode of animated historical film

On Tuesday, the Yekaterinburg Museum of History debuted the second installment of "Yekaterinburg 19th Century," an episodic animated film chronicling the development of industry in Yekaterinburg from 1723 to 1831.

The newest episode centered on Emperor Alexander I, who is largely regarded as a champion of the city's metallurgical industry. Alexander I first arrived in Yekaterinburg in September 1824 to visit the Upper Iset Metallurgical Plant, ITAR-TASS reports.

"In the cartoon talked about the production boom in lapidary factory, gold rush, visits high-ranking guests and other events in the period from 1781 to 1831," Museum of History Director Irina Evdokimov said, according to ITAR-TASS.

The first episode premiered at the Museum of History in 2012 and recounted the creation of the city's first fortress factory in 1723. Following the success of the animated film, the museum constructed a permanent exhibition to the history of city's industrial development.

"We are going to show [these] movies to visitors before the tour, so they focused in key dates, met with the main characters and watched a museum exhibit already prepared," Museum of History researcher Yevgeny Burdenko said, ITAR-TASS reports.

Museum officials plan to produce an additional five or six installments of "Yekaterinburg 19th Century," each centering on a different pioneer of industry in the Urals. Future episodes will feature famed Ural-area merchant Kharitonovs-Rastorguevo and Leo Brusnitsyn, the prospector who discovered gold deposits in the Ural mountains.