Monday, July 16, 2018

UBRD expands services at Krasnodar office

The Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development (UBRD) unveiled its new operating procedures in its Krasnodar office earlier this month, offering banking customers an expanded range of services.

Specifically, the operational overhaul at UBRD's Krasnodar office will allow customers to more easily make deposits, receive quicker loan decisions and streamline self-service functions such as making payments, transfers and foreign exchange transactions.

"The region UBRD [has been open] less than three years, but during that time we have shown good results in business, it shows trust in our brand," UBRD Krasnodar Deputy Director Victoria Malaya said. "Who among the main objectives of the bank--increase the efficiency of sales points. We focused on expanding line of services and attracting new customers."

Situated on the intersection of Turgenev and Karasunsky streets, UBRD's Krasnodar office is accessible by public transportation and car. The building is adjacent to the Krasnodar Multifunctional Center for State and Municipal Services whose parking lot is available to UBRD customers.

The restructuring of its Krasnodar office comes as part of UBRD's Strategy-2015 initiative. Launched in 2011, Strategy-2015 calls for the opening of 500 UBRD branches in 68 different Russian regions by the year 2015. Thus far, UBRD has opened 350 branches.