Friday, June 22, 2018

Student exchanges between University of Louisville, PSNRU to expand

Representatives from the U.S. consulate in Yekaterinburg announced recently that educational exchange programs between Perm State National Research University (PSNRU) and the University of Louisville will continue to grow over the next two years.

The student exchange program allowed three University of Louisville students to study Russian language at PSNRU from February to June. During their stay in Perm, the American students resided at PSNRU campus housing, attended daily Russian college courses and explored life in the Urals during their free time.

During their exit interviews, each of the participating University of Louisville students praised the faculty and student body of PSNRU for fostering a friendly atmosphere. Additionally, the American students mentioned a specific appreciation for the region's public transportation system as well as PSNRU's physical proximity to shopping and nightlife.

Separately, a larger delegation of University of Louisville students and faculty traveled to Perm in June to participate in PSNRU's "Human Rights in the Information Era" summer institute. The institute was held to offer foreign visitors a history of Perm's self-governance system and gave visiting students the chance to meet with representatives from Perm's regional legislative body.

Later this year, a group of PSNRU law students will travel to the University Louisville to participate in internship programs.