Friday, February 23, 2018

Yulia Petrova wins PepsiCo Russia's Lay's flavor promotion

Last week PepsiCo Russia, the parent company of Lay's Potato Chips, announced that Izhevsk resident Yulia Petrova was the winner of the company's "Guess the Football Taste" promotion.

Petrova correctly identified the "Argentinian Chorizo Sausage with Onion and Spices" flavor and will receive a grand prize of $27,500 from PepsiCo.

"Hurrah! Such a pleasant surprise," Petrova said. "I did not expect to win [$27,500]! Of course, deep down I really hoped guessed, and was waiting for good news...I have a young family, and the prize will go to the solution of housing problems."

Launched May 1, the contest challenged customers to correctly identify the flavor of potato chips contained within special Lay's packaging, which did not disclose the name of the product. Featured on the promotional packaging was picture of famous Argentinian soccer player Lionel Messi.

Consumers were encouraged to taste the chips and log on to to guess the flavor. More than 1.4 million consumers submitted a total of 3.1 million guesses through the website. Among the most popular incorrect guesses were "Italian Pizza with Cheese and Tomatoes," "Mexican Letcho with Capsicum and Onion" and "Spanish Bacon with Barbecue Sauce."

"Lay's is pleased to note that the chosen mechanics [of the competition were] really liked [by] our customers," Lay's Marketing Manager Elena Kartseva said. "Chips in a new promo pack flew off the shelves because it played excitement and, of course, a great new taste! During promotional events in Moscow and other cities all visitors willingly tried a secret taste and shared their visions of the hidden courses...every year we aim to please and surprise consumers [with] something new, and I can see that this time the positive response exceeded our wildest expectations. Many thanks to all who participated in the action!"