Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Students participate in film viewing, culinary class at USUE

High school students from Yekaterinburg's school No. 135 were invited to Ural State Economic University (USUE) to participate in a film viewing and a culinary master class.

The students watched "The Nuclear Icebreaker Fleet of Russia" during a viewing party which was hosted by USUE's Information Center for Atomic Energy. While watching the film, students received supplemental information from USUE staff about atomic, nuclear and radiation technologies currently in use in Russia.

Following the film, the students completed quizzes regarding information presented in the film and practiced measuring background radiation with Geiger counters.

Students were also invited to a culinary master class conducted by Ilya Karzhavin, a faculty member at USUE's Department of Food Technology. Each student was given the chance to enhance their cooking skills with guidance from Karzhavin, as well as learn the history of world cuisine.

At the end of the day, students collaboratively worked on creating a snack to be enjoyed by their classmates.