Saturday, June 23, 2018

Rescuers locate fallen climbers after Kamchatka avalanche

Rescuers located seven missing climbers on Friday after an avalanche descended on the Kamchatka volcano range in Russia's Far East, though two members of the group were found dead and one remains missing.

Of the initial group of 10 that set out on the climb, four members of Yekaterinburg's Ural Trails hiking club, which makes several scheduled visits to Kamchatka's inactive volcanoes each year, were located by emergency personnel--three were airlifted to the hospital by rescue workers after discovery, and one was treated for minor injuries, The Moscow Times reports.

According to survivor accounts, three members of the group, including two men and one woman, set out on the northern slope--considered the more dangerous side of the Kamen volcano--to take the lead on the climb and were struck by the avalanche. The bodies of two men were found by rescue workers, though one person is missing.

Kamen is an ancient inactive volcano that reaches more than 15,000 feet and is largely considered one of the most difficult volcanoes to climb on the Kamchatka peninsula. Two climbers from Belarus died while ascending the volcano in July of this year, after falling from a height of more than 11,000 feet, according to