Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Brass bands to perform on horseback at City Day events

Yekaterinburg will celebrate City Day with a day-long concert series of brass bands in its Historic Park this weekend.

Brass musicians from across Yekaterinburg, the Sverdlovsk region and other surrounding regions will gather on Aug. 16 to perform traditional and modern brass compositions. The City Day celebration will culminate with a performance from a collection of musicians from Tuva, who will perform musical works on horseback, reports.

"Brass Band Festival, which we had for the first time last year, made a certain sensation," Mikhail Matveev, the head of social policy for the Yekaterinburg administration, said, according to "Citizens and guests of the capital of the Urals visited with great interest. This year for the festival were invited foreign visitors."

Yekaterinburg's Municipal School of Equestrian Sport has agreed to provide six horses for the Tuva band. The musical group will arrive a week prior to the performance to rehearse with their horses: Summer Lightning, Vanilla, Mania, Mistress, Fun and Prospectus.