Saturday, July 21, 2018

Russia's Kurgan region signs development agreement with Yamal-Nenets

Kurgan regional head Alexei Kokorin signed an agreement of cooperation last week calling for the generation of collaborative trade, economic, scientific, technical, social and cultural development projects with the Yamal-Nenets district.

The agreement spans the period of 2014-2018 and will facilitate cooperative measures in economically profitable programs that mutually benefit both the Kurgan region and the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous District, Pravda reports.

"We are dynamically developing partnerships with many regions," Kokorin said, according to Pravda. "They are spreading and constantly updated with new programs. Interregional, inter-municipal cooperation allows to consider wider issues of cooperation between enterprises of all subjects, provides an additional impetus to the development of its economy, attract investment."

Kokorin's administration has signed similar agreements of cooperation this year with the local and regional governments of Bashkiria, Yamal, Tyumen and Sverdlovsk.

Generally, the agreements deal with cooperation in scientific and technological pursuits in all sectors of the economy. Other development projects deal strictly with social and cultural development programs aimed at improving the physical health of residents as well as programs which celebrate cultural diversity represented within various regions of Russia, Pravda reports.

A portion of the Kurgan region's agreement with Yamal-Nenets deals entirely with relationships with Crimea and Sevastopol. Kokorin and a delegation from the Yamal-Nenets district recently visited Crimea and Sevastopol to discuss ways of improving the area's tourism sector.

Proposals included the construction of several resort facilities which would be marketed as vacation destinations to citizens of the Kurgan region and the Yamal-Nenets district, according to Pravda.

"Russia: a very large and diverse country, each region has its own advantages and specificity," Kurgan Deputy Chairman on Information Policy Andrei Tumanov said, Pravda reports. "On north-- oil, gas, deer; in the south-- bread, apples watermelons. So the most successful Russian governors, those who are well are friends not only with Russia but also with our neighbors, near and far. The Kurgan region [is] well done to develop cooperation with Crimea and Sevastopol. Russian regions will be useful to take advantage of this fertile land. And they need help quickly integrate into our social and economic space."