Sunday, June 17, 2018

UrFU competitive team wins Znamenka song contest

The Ural Federal University student competitive team "Assol" was declared the winner of the Znamenka song contest held last weekend in the Sverdlovsk city of Pyshma.

UrFU student Anatasia Kulagina received a special award during the contest for her submission of the song "Nautilus" during the competition.

The contest included sports tournaments which brought together student teams from across 22 regions in Russia. UrFU male teams Argo and Quark took first and third places in the volleyball competition while two UrFU women's teams, Hope and Spring, took second place. The UrFU Astra soccer team won third place in the soccer competition.

Since 1978, the Znamenka contest has been held on the shores of Pyshma to celebrate the artistic creativity and physical abilities of Russian university students. This year, the competition drew together thousands of Russian university students. Students slept in tents around the beach and spent evenings participating in camp activities.