Thursday, July 19, 2018

Skolkovo resident Workle names Marina Kharchenko commercial director

On Tuesday, Skolkovo resident company Workle announced that it has created a new commercial director position within its corporate structure and has nominated Marina Kharchenko to serve in the capacity.

As commercial director, Kharchenko will be charged with ensuring profit growth for Workle through improving efficiency of the company's interactions with customers and partners, promoting the brand and participating in the strategic development of the company.

Prior to joining Workle, Kharchenko served as the deputy director general of the Sotmarketa online store and also worked in various positions with, Direct Group and During her time with those companies, she engaged in the creation of remote jobs and often served as an intermediary between employers and job candidates on the internet.

Workle is a company which creates online platforms to allow employees to work from remote areas without needing to go into a centralized office in order to be production. It was able to create a position for Kharchenko through a grant from Skolkovo in the amount of $750,000, which the company used to develop its human resources strategies and corporate structure.

"We have involved more than one million internet users and about one hundred largest companies in a fundamentally new type of labor cooperation, proved the relevance of the model 'work as a service' in Russia," Workle CEO Vladimir Gorbunov said. "Now, one of our priorities--improving business performance. [The] experience [of] Marina Kharchenko [and her] energy and creativity will allow it to make a significant contribution to the achievement of this goal."