Saturday, July 21, 2018

Ural Yekaterinburg's youth team loses to Saransk Mordovia

The Ural Yekaterinburg youth soccer team lost to Saransk Mordovia 0-2 on Friday during the first round match of the Russian Youth Championship.

Despite Yekaterinburg's command of the field during the first 10 minutes of gameplay, the Saransk team's goalie, Ilya Ciobanu, was able to block every attempt at a goal the Ural team made.

Mordovia's offensive player, Dmitri Sisyuev, scored the first goal of the game 12 minutes in. In the second half of the game, Yekaterinburg's Alexander Babushkin attempted a few goals but was unable to successfully score. Eighty minutes into the game, Sisyuev scored Mordovia's second goal of the game.

Prior to the end of the game, Yekaterinburg's Dmitry Arapov attempted another goal but accidentally kicked the ball over the boundary of the field, earning Mordovia the chance to control the final section of the game.