Friday, June 22, 2018

Sputnik services unveiled in Vladivostok

Rostelecom's Sputnik search service was unveiled in the city of Vladivostok on Friday during a press conference.

The conference was attended by Primorsky Territory Department of Information and Telecommunications Director Alexei Schurov, Sputnik General Director Maxim Khromov and Russian blogger Sergei Dolya.

"The launch of a regional development portal coincided with the start of 'Russia Expedition', hosted by Sputnik," said Khromov. "And when the expedition ended in Vladivostok, the Sputnik and our regional development at the beginning of a long road. Important for us to develop services and products that really help people in everyday life, create a new quality of life in the information society, help citizens navigate the social web space, increase its accessibility and visibility of the enormous volume and variety of information on the web."

In Vladivostok, the Sputnik portal is targeted towards families looking for online resources regarding domestic service providers and other public and private institutions.

"Getting the public services on the internet is becoming increasingly popular among residents of Primorye," Schurov said. "Primorye [is] the leader among Russian regions in the number of private offices of users registered on the Public Services. Private offices are 22 percent of the residents of the province. ... The number of state and municipal services, we are constantly expanding. With the help of independent experts, we find out what other services are needed population and complement their existing list. We hope that the new search platform Sputnik will facilitate access to official information and to ensure the efficiency of its receipt."

Sputnik's managers are currently expanding the portal's portfolio of regional development services throughout cities and regions in Russia. Currently, the portal offers the most dense amount of information for high-population cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg.