Thursday, September 20, 2018

Stadler starts production of double-decker Aeroexpress trains in Belarus

Stadler Rail Group announced earlier this week that it has begun construction of double-decker Aeroexpress trains at its Fanipol plant in Belarus.

Production of the trains initially began at Stadler'ss Altenrhein facility in Switzerland before being moved to Fanipol. Since production was moved to Fanipol, four double-decker train carriages have been welded. Currently, crews are painting completed train cars before they enter the final assembly phase of construction, according to an Aeroexpress press release.

Twenty-one additional trains are to be constructed entirely in Fanipol. The four completed trains will next be shipped back to Russia for testing operations. Once testing is completed in the Russian suburban city of Sherbinka, they will be officially added to Aeroexpress' Moscow fleet in June 2015.

Meanwhile, the remaining 21 cars are expected to begin carrying passengers in June 2016.

The new trains are equipped with the BLOCK safe joint complex and have advanced safety features, which ensure the trains will fully comply with traffic safety as well as speed control mechanisms and rolling guards. The fleet also features state-of-the-art video systems, fire alarm systems and audio/visual displays.

Stadler Rail Group became a strategic partner of Aeorexpress after winning a production bid in Moscow last year. In May 2013, the company signed a contract to provide a total of 25 double-decker trains by June 2016.