Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Bravo Motors unveils compact city electric car at Innoprom

Bravo Motors, a resident of the Skolkovo Fund's energy technology cluster, recently introduced its design for a compact city electric car at Innoprom.

The Bravo eGo is a four-wheel compact vehicle based largely on the company's 2013 e-Trike three-wheel design, for which Bravo won first place at the Startup Village competition hosted by Skolkovo, which is funded in part by Uzbek mogul Iskander Makhmudov, in 2013. The Bravo eGo received the Audience Award at this year's Innoprom and has begun accepting pre-orders, according to a Skolkovo press release.

"We want to bring a new car at Startup Village 2014 in Skolkovo, but unfortunately the work lingered for a couple of weeks," Bravo Motors CEO Konstantin Artemiev said. "Therefore, a demonstration platform was Innoprom. Guess in terms of technological filling between production model and the very first one for electric, which we have demonstrated in the past year at the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg and the exhibition 'Open Innovation' in Moscow will be a total of at least five updates. Within each of them, we will make the design of improvements and additions. But in terms of design the current version as close to the one that will go into a series."

The eGo seeks to solve two major problems among motorists in the cities: roadway congestion and lack of parking spaces. it is designed to be driven on roads as well as on sidewalks and pedestrian areas.

"On the road, Bravo eGo looks like any other compact car: it is stable, secure enough to protect against rain and travels at speeds of up to 55 miles per hour. When you get into a traffic jam or want to park on small patch, just click the button, and after five seconds Bravo eGo compressed several times, and a half square meter [of] ground clearance will increase to 40 inches, which will address the high curbs, down-stairs, drive into shopping centers. In fact, out of the car, he turns into an analog Segway scooter."

Bravo's eGo is expected to go on sale by the summer of 2015. The car will initially cost approximately $20,000, but will decrease in price to $14,000 when eGo production reaches 100 units per month.