Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Koltsovo Airport holds reconstruction conference during Innoprom

Koltsovo Airport held a conference entitled last week during Innoprom 2014 in Yekaterinburg, drawing more than 150 participants to to discuss airport architecture.

Airport managers and representatives from architecture agencies from across the Urals discussed recent airport reconstruction programs which they have underwent in the last year. The event was moderated by AviaPort editor Oleg Panteleev, according to a Koltsovo press release.

Later in the conference, speakers discussed the architectural standards for both brand new regional airports as well as those airports seeking to renovate. Currently, the regional airports of Nizhny Novgorod and Samara are planning the construction of new passenger terminal. Meanwhile, new terminal buildings are being scheduled for construction at Saratov and Rostov-on-Don's iaports.

Conferees also heard from renowned architect Hin Tang Lin of the Hintan Associates, London architecture studio as well as Dmitry Ovcharov of the NEFARESEARCH studio regarding project organization and the design of spaces within Koltsovo Airport. Koltsovo's own remodel earned the airport the Best Public Space Interior certificate in the Best Office Awards 2014 competition.

The conference ended with the announcement of a architectural conference for the forecourt of Koltosovo Airport. Architecture students are tasked to submit an original design for the airport's forecourt. The submissions will be evaluated by a jury of experts and the winner will be announced next year.