Wednesday, September 19, 2018

UFO enthusiasts drawn to Ural Mountains, reported supernatural activity

Many UFO enthusiasts have come to the Ural Mountains to investigate reports of an allegedly higher-than-average level of supernatural or alien activity.

UFO enthusiasts have put together a map of the Urals which shows the 50 locations on which people have in the past reported supernatural phenomena. Among the reported phenomena are the appearance of UFOs of many shapes and sizes, including cigar-shaped, pyramid-shaped, spherical and disk-shaped, Russia Behind the Headlines reports.

The first reported instance of supernatural phenomena on the Urals mountains took place in the 18th century when somebody reported an encounter with alien. The report claimed that the alien was accompanied by several strange fireballs.

In 1927, several sources made separate claims of witnessing the explosion of a cigar-shaped UFO near the Urals city of Karpinsk to such agencies as the Commission on Meteorites and the USSR Academy of Sciences, according to Russia Behind the Headlines.

The most well-documented and puzzling claim of supernatural activity in the Ural mountains happened in 1980 when reports allege the largest UFO ever seen crashed into the Verkhotursky District.

Air defense systems detected three or four flying objects circling a large disc-shaped object with a diameter of 85 feet and a height of 16 feet. One of the stories alleges that the flying objects were hit by air defense missiles and two dead unidentified biological creatures were found inside, Russia Behind the Headlines reports.

In 1989, scientists in Perm recovered a unidentified large mushroom-shaped disc with a diameter of 39 feet from the mountains after it crashed in a zone used for military drills. Similar stories have been reported throughout the Tagany Mountain Ridge, Molyobka Triangle, the Illmensky Zapovednik mineral reserve, Deer Springs Nature Park and the Sverdlovsk Triangle.