Friday, June 22, 2018

Roizman under investigation in connection with murder of elderly pensioner

Yekaterinburg Mayor Evgeny Roizman is currently being investigated by local and regional law enforcement agencies for potential involvement in the murder of an 80-year-old pensioner.

Roizman's alleged involvement in the May crime was implicated by local administration deputy Oleg Kinev on Monday. Kinev was detained two months ago on suspicion of murdering Olga Ledovskoy, an well-known pension-collecting poet residing in Yekaterinburg, reports.

According to police officials, Ledovskoy disappeared in May, prompting officials to open a criminal murder case. Kinev was almost immediately identified as a prime suspect while officials further investigated two more alleged accomplices who were employees of a local security organization.

Ledovskoy's dismembered body was discovered at the end of the month in a swampy area of Novouralsk approximately 40 miles from Yekaterinburg. Investigators have speculated the murder was part of an attempt to gain ownership of her home, according to

Following the discovery of Ledovskoy's body, officials immediately took Kinev into custody. Shortly after Kinev's arrest, his two alleged accomplices confessed to their involvement in the murder.

Some sources said Roizman will be forced to resign from his mayoral position due to the controversy surrounding his deputy, despite his statement during a press conference in June where he provided members of the local media with an alibi for the evening of Ledovskoy's murder, reports.