Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Crews begin renovations on Young Spectators' Theatre as part of outdoor complex

Nicholas Smets, the chairman of the Yekaterinburg Committee for Construction, announced on Monday that crews have begun renovating the exterior of the city's Young Spectators' Theatre, transforming it into an outdoor performance space.

The exterior area surrounding the Young Spectators' Theater building is currently being reconfigured to make room for a 540-seat outdoor amphitheater. Granite mined from the Urals will comprise the floor and steps of the amphitheater, though its installation has been slowed due to recent inclement weather, Ekburg.ru reports.

"We completely change the area in front of the theater," Smets said, according to Ekburg.ru. "We only saved lawn along the street Karl Liebknecht. Clean and repair the underpass, slightly reducing the entrance to it, thereby extending the area."

Additionally, crews will install six large potted plants to form an archway from the street to the outdoor performance space. Landscaping will be done to mark the boundaries of the amphitheater and to create a sense of openness around the facility.

Renovations to the interior of Young Spectators' Theatre initially began in September 2012. The new amphitheater is expected to open on November 18, 2014 to host a special performance in celebration of Yekaterinburg's birthday, Ekburg.ru reports.