Saturday, July 21, 2018

Otkritie places additional issues of BO-05 bonds

Oktritie Financial Bank announced last week that it has placed additional issues of BO-05 bonds with a total nominal value of $140 million.

The additional issue will supplement the previous bonds placed earlier this year which hold an aggregate nominal value of $200 million. The previous issue was posted on July 14 with an option to expire on July 7, 2015.

The price range on the previous issue stood at 100.10 to 100 percent, with an aggregate demand totaling $180 million. As a result, the closing price of the book to accommodate the additional release of B0-05 bonds was set at 100 percent par.

Coupons of the new release are set at 10.5 percent per year, with a coupon period of six months. At the time of the new release, bond placement on MICEX was overseen by Eurobonds Bank and included in the Bank of Russia's Lombard list.