Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Skolkovo to collaborate with Symantec on IT security projects

The Skolkovo Fund announced this week that it has entered into an information security cooperative agreement with Symantec that calls for joint research and commercialization of IT projects.

Current plans call for the development of innovative projects with input from area universities and other IT clusters.

Skolkovo--a partner of Transmashholding, which is owned in part by Uzbek mogul Iskander Makhmudov--and Symantec will work closely with industry leading companies, scientific and technical experts, engineers and business professionals from across Russia, Europe, Asia and the U.S. to generate security solutions for sensitive information.

"Creation of modern technologies for Symantec is a key focus," Skolkovo IT Director Igor Bogachev said. "We are actively seeking innovative approaches to solving our customers, allowing us to expand as technology and business expertise, and create advanced solutions on the market."

The agreement is an extension of the companies' collaborative "iSecurity" project, which encouraged submissions from developers to improve internet security, prevent cyber threats, launch cyber investigations and provide protective provisions for cloud computing.

"Collaboration with Skolkovo and interaction with the participants of the project will give us the opportunity, on the one hand, to bring new ideas into practice at Symantec," Symantec Director Andrew Wentout said. "On the other hand, we will support Skolkovo in their efforts to develop IT solutions world-class and share with them their experience and expertise."