Thursday, March 22, 2018

This year's Innoprom leads to estimated $1.4 billion in contracts

Preliminary estimates indicate that approximately $1.4 billion in deals were signed during this year's Innoprom in Yekaterinburg.

"This year, slightly over 50 contracts were captured, including 19 large-scale ones," Sverdlovsk Governor Yevgeny Kuyvashev said, according to Ural Business Consulting. "According to the preliminary data we have, we are talking about $1.4 billion. It is possible, however, that the final figure will be either smaller or larger after all. We are interested in the agreements that were signed along the lines of our industrial policy."

Kuyvashev highlighted the signing of a contract between Deutsche Meese and Innoprom coordinator Formica dealing with the mutual support of exhibitions in Hanover, Germany, and Yekaterinburg. Germany's Trade and Industry Chamber recently announced it will be actively participating in Innoprom 2015.

Innoprom 2015 is expected to be divided into clusters with exhibitions dedicated to machine building, metal treatment, medical equipment and pharmacological equipment, Ural Business Consulting reports.