Friday, June 22, 2018

Urals region sees unusual summer snow, hailstorms

Last Saturday, the Urals region experienced abnormal summer snow and hail storms, prompting many residents of the area to capture the unusual weather on their smartphones.

Residents in the cities of Chelyabinsk and Yekaterinburg rushed to Facebook and Instagram after their days at the beach were ruined by mid-day snow and hail showers, reports.

"Chelyabinsk weather is that harsh," a status accompanying a YouTube video of the weather phenomena uploaded by a local resident said, according to

Temperatures on Saturday dropped from 68 degrees Fahrenheit to almost zero in the middle of the day in the Urals. Shortly after the dramatic temperature drop, area emergency services issued a warning urging residents to refrain from driving on the roads during the extreme weather events.

One YouTube video taken by a young woman on Ob River beach starts with images of a normal summer day, with beachgoers swimming, playing games and sunbathing. Seconds later, the weather suddenly shifts as strong winds begin blowing branches of trees, reports.

The sky darkened, and hail the size of golf balls began to fall from the sky. Panicked, the beachgoers hid under their towels and umbrellas to protect themselves from the hail.

"If we die, I love you," a voice off camera during the hail storm said in the video, according to

No injuries resulting from Saturday's harsh weather have been reported, though area weather services extended their storm warnings through Sunday and Monday.