Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Aeroexpress' new ad campaign "Trial and Enjoy" features Evelina Blyodans

Aeroexpress has launched its new "Trial and Enjoy" advertising campaign in an effort to attract new commuters.

Famous Russian actress Evelina Blyodans is the face of the new campaign. Aeroexpress has placed several large posters throughout its terminals showing her traveling on an Aeroexpress train.

Campaign creator Alexander Semin said the "Trial and Enjoy" effort will help eradicate stereotypes about rail commuting and show potential passengers that commuting on Aeroexpress is a pleasant, cost-effective and convenient way to travel to a from work or recreation destinations.

Semin's previous advertising work for Aeroexpress has earned both him and the company several accolades. Most recently, his "Honest Cabbies Recommend Aeroexpress" was credited for increased ridership throughout 2012 and 2013.

The "Honest Cabbies Recommend Aeroexpress" campaign featured images of several Russian cab drivers stuck in car traffic with their passengers, with the drivers suggesting the passenger should have taken a train to avoid traffic.

With the "Trial and Enjoy" campaign, Semin said he hopes to alleviate anxieties about rail commuting among new passengers. He said the image of Blyodans sitting comfortably may resonate with commuters who typically rely on cars and taxis to travel to the airport and other destinations.

"For so many years we usually get to the airport by car," Semin said. "For so many years we were stuck in traffic and envied to some Swiss airport, which allows even the thought will not catch a taxi --all go on the train. But we also have many connections to any airport in the center of Moscow, but old habits and doubts hinder us to make a choice in favor of the obvious advantages. Aeroexpress understands this and offers its own natural way to get rid of the fear of technologies that are designed to make our life only better."