Thursday, March 22, 2018

Skolkovo's Friends Club attracts 20 companies interested in IT collaboration

Last week at the Hypercube, the Skolkovo Cluster hosted a regular meeting of its Friends Club, drawing together 20 companies interested in working collaboratively on IT projects.

"Partners-- very important for us and our resident unit of the entire ecosystem," Friends Club Manager Igor Richer said. "Piece of technology that are created in Skolkovo, can be purchased partners or partners can help them sell to end customers. You can create interesting joint solutions. Partners are actively engaged in mentoring, and investment, which is very important for our projects."

During the meeting, attendees heard from leading IT companies, including Microsoft, Intel and Amazon Web Services, regarding best practices in the industry.

In total, there are 341 members of the Friends Club. However, many of them are foreign companies that were unable to attend the meeting. Last week's meeting welcomed three new partners: Borlas, Softline and SC IT.

The agreement to include Softline was signed earlier in the week after Friends Club members noted the company's success in the international market.

Collaboratively, Softline developers are interesting in exploring options for their strategic software and cloud computing initiatives with other members of the Friends Club. Softline hopes their employee roster will reach 200 people by the beginning of 2015.

"We are very interested in cooperation with Skolkovo," Softline Chairman Igor Borovikov said. "We do not just solve technological problems-- we open the market for IT-promising directions, creating new opportunities for a breakthrough in the development of business. We invest in promising technologies and support the IT-startups. I am confident that the cooperation will lead to mutual success in the implementation of research and development projects and will contribute to their inclusion on the international market."

Borlas, on the other hand, plans to use their Friends Club membership to enhance the automation of all their business practices.

"To date, Borlas has a number of activities that can be called innovative," Borlas Deputy Director Vram Aleksandryan said. "They require research and development work. These works, we plan to conduct in Skolkovo."

Meanwhile, SC IT president Tahir Yapparov said he would like his company to participate in the Friends Club so he can stay aware of the latest technological business innovations.

"We are always looking for new technologies and to do investment projects," Yapparov said. "In our market, everything is changing rapidly and if we do not participate in the creation of something new, we just lose the interest of customers. Some of our projects have the status of Skolkovo residents, but we ourselves have just become a partner. One of the global ideas that attracted us to this partnership-- the ability to create models of joint business development with players who create new technology."