Tuesday, June 19, 2018

NBI meeting held at Skolkovo technology cluster

The first meeting of NBI, a group of innovators interested in collective ownership, was held last week at Skolkovo's Innovation Center.

In total, 200 representatives from various companies and agencies participated in the meeting, which was lead by Skolkovo Technopark's Director of Research and Development Andrew Sartori. During the first part of the meeting, Sartori explained what two types of institutions will benefit from a collective ownership system.

"First, it yourself centers of excellence, i.e. commercial companies that provide services on the market," Sartori said. "Second, it's customers, industrial companies, which is an indispensable element of the ecosystem. Here were the development institutions that are able to activate and support the process of active participation of all elements of NBI."

Earlier in the week, Technopark CEO Renat Batyrov promoted Thursday's event in an interview with Sk.ru, where he explained the primary purpose of the meeting.

"We would like to see here that the community centers for communities to develop joint policies that it understands how the mechanism of cooperation (at national level)," Batyrov said. "Perhaps we need to develop a joint decision on the need to develop new regulations in the interests of the community. We want to create a community of producers and consumers of these services, a sort of club centers for collective youth."

Later in the afternoon, attendees participated in a discussion on open market innovation that gathered corporation representatives, as well as federal and regional development institutions.

Catherine Buylcheva, the deputy general director of Moscow's Innovation Development Center, was one of the headlining speakers. Next, Skolkovo Tech Vice President Mats Nordlund discussed how NBI initiatives could have greater traction with the participation of the major triad: big corporations, local government and universities.

In the final portion of the meeting, some attendees elected to participate in an informal roundtable and barbecue outside of Skolkovo's hypercube, where NBI market participants continued to discuss issues relating to shared ownership and the greater problems of the technology industry.