Friday, August 17, 2018

USUE opens enrollment for 2014 summer camp offerings

Ural State Economic University announced recently that it has opened its enrollment for its 2014 educational summer camp.

USUE's summer camp is open to students ages nine to 15 with either morning or afternoon sessions held for two weeks on Monday through Friday.

This year's camp course offerings include English School, Computer Whiz and Magic Graphics. In English school, students can learn English language in a dynamic way with instructional methods which include games, dialogues and computer programs.

Computer Whiz gives campers the opportunity to take apart and put together computers as well as learn how to install software. In Magic Graphics, students will learn to use Corel Draw and Adobe Photoshop as well as take high-quality photos with digital cameras.

Cost of enrollment in one course at the camp is $162, with five percent discounts offered to students enrolling in more than one course and families enrolling more than one student. Families can enroll students in this year's camp at