Monday, May 21, 2018

Koltsovo Airport launches active Indoor Mapping software for guests

Last week, Koltsovo International Airport launched an active version of its Indoor Mapping software, allowing passengers to view the interior maps of the airport from their mobile devices.

The Indoor Mapping software was developed in partnership with technology firm Sitiskanner and employs the Google Maps platform to deliver high-detail renderings of each floor of the airport's interiors.

Passengers can easily navigate the terminals, shops and cafes located within Koltsovo airport through the software.

"Koltsovo Airport remains one of the industry leaders in implementing modern IT solutions," Koltsovo Airport President Alexei Piskunov said. "This applies to the automation of their production processes, and the creation of convenient services for passengers."

Koltsovo's Indoor Mapping project began in mid-2013, and its first phase was completed in February. Shortly after, representatives from Google traveled to Koltsovo to help airport and Sitiskanner staff refine the electronic navigation system.

Similar mapping projects are expected to begin in other Russian regional airports next year.