Saturday, June 23, 2018

LinguaLeo partners with "TED Talks" to provide language resources for members

The LinguaLeo Company, a resident of Skolkovo's Information Technology Cluster, announced that it has entered into a partnership with the TED Foundation to present a series of informative lessons in both live and video formats.

The TED LinguaLeo official video channel now hosts more than 150 different recorded talks and will continue to add more as future TED Talks are hosted as part of the partnership. The partnership stipulates that no money is to be exchanged between TED and LinguaLeo.

"Partnership with TED gives us and our members new opportunities for language learning," LinguaLeo Business Development Director Igor Gonebny said. "The best minds and the most interesting people of the world to become teachers of English LinguaLeo. Thus, our users can not only learn English, but that is very important, learn firsthand about the incredible discoveries and exciting ideas."

The Skolkovo Foundation has assigned Deputy Director for Education Ekaterina Gaika as the company's liaison to TED.

"These projects help teach English in the living context and teach the viewer/student [how to] perceive content in its original form," Gaika said. "Wide range of knowledge and lectures, which TED is known for, now has become more accessible to a wide audience through the efforts of [LinguaLeo], and it is great news."

TED Talks posted as part of the partnership with LinguaLeo will be given by world-renowned scientists, artists and Nobel laureates.

"An important part of our mission is to disseminate unique ideas-- make TED Talks available for people who cannot communicate fluently in English," TED's head of global licensing and distribution Deron Triff said. "And we are very pleased that LinguaLeo helps inform its users, learners [of] the best ideas through the process of language learning."