Sunday, June 17, 2018

Sputnik platform offers drug, housing information modules for users

On Thursday, Rostelecom announced the launch of two new modules to the iOS and Android versions of its Sputnik search-service platform: My House and Drugs.

My House allows Sputnik users to gain information about all service providers located near their residence. Moreover, users can quickly learn about the structure in which they live, including the year it was constructed, who built it and which company manages the property.

Ultimately, the My House module gives users a snapshot of their residence and what services are located near by, including hospitals, post offices, local government branches and closest emergency services locations.

The Drugs module provides users with information about nearby pharmacies and the average price of prescriptions. Users can use the service to further research options for their prescription medicines and compare prices between similar medications as well as between brand-name medications and their generic counterparts.

Additionally, the Drugs modeule also informs patients of potential side effects of their medicines and warns users if two or more of their medications may cause unintended consequences when mixed.

In total, the modules includes information on more than 15,000 pharmacies and 18 million residential structures.