Saturday, June 23, 2018

Uralvagonzavod hosts Minor Olympics for pre-schoolers, kindergartners

Leading Russian mining company Uralvagonzavod hosted the Minor Olympics, a competitive sports event for kindergarten and pre-kindergarten students, on Tuesday at Nizhniy Tagil's Sputnik sports stadium.

More than 200 children from 25 different kindergartens in Nizhniy Tagil's Dzerzhinsky District participated in the second annual Minor Olympics, <a href="">Ural Business Consulting</a> reports.

The Minor Olympics began with a parade, similar to the opening ceremonies of the Summer and Winter Olympic Games. Children from Semitsvetik, Katyusha, Lesovichok, Buratino and Mayachok kindergartens led the parade, occasionally stopping to perform rhythmic gymnastic routines.

Before the events began, everyone in attendance sang the Russian National Anthem and participated in an oath ceremony where the sports players vowed to play fair and respect their opponents. At the conclusion of the oath ceremony, players released several multi-colored balloons in the sky, according to <a href="">Ural Business Consulting</a>.

Competitive events included basketball, hockey, taekwondo, swimming and gymnastics. Each athlete also competed in a 4x50 meter relay race.

Prior to Tuesday's event, all the participating kindergartners were given two practice sessions at Sputnik Stadium to prepare for the Minor Olympics, <a href="">Ural Business Consulting</a> reports.