Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Rostelecom subsidiary Sputnik to open new office in Novosibirsk

Service-search company Sputnik, a subsidiary of Rostelecom, recently announced the opening of a new office in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk.

The staff of the service facility will focus on the development of new business units and regional development initiatives for Russians living in Siberia. Specifically, Sputnik's new office will operate under three primary objectives: create an interaction between citizens and social institutions which provide community services, provide solutions to everyday problems users might encounter in the areas of finance and medicine and provide information services on breaking news and weather.

"Sputnik is the first of its kind online project focused not on entertainment or satisfying consumer demand. It creates useful services and points of interaction with the digital infrastructure between society and the state," Rostelecom Vice President and Sputnik board Chair Alexey Basov said. "Today, it is important to develop services and products that create a new quality of life in the information society, help citizens navigate through this online social space, to improve its accessibility and visibility of the enormous volume and variety of information of the web."

The Sputnik project began in 2013, and was released in a beta version earlier this year. It is currently used by 95 Russian cities to connect citizens with municipal and privately-owned service providers in all areas from health and banking to handyman services.