Saturday, June 23, 2018

Harvester logging competition held in Yekaterinburg forest

The all-Russian Harvester 2014 logging competition was held on Saturday in Yekaterinburg's Ural Forest.

Yekaterinburg native Sergei Krassikov and his son Evgeniy were semifinalists in the competition. The Krassikovs come from a family of loggers--a profession held by several generations of men within the family, Oblastnaya Gazeta reports.

"I came into the profession 31 years ago," Sergei Krassikov said, according to Oblastnaya Gazeta. "My son, 12 years ago, as well as two of my nephews."

In college, Sergei Krassikov studied forestry, where he gained both academic and practical knowledge of working with trees. However, forestry is no longer offered as a course of study in many Russian universities in 2014.

"Basically, we were given theoretical knowledge: we have passed the unit of saw safety," Sergei Krassikov said, Oblastnaya Gazeta reports. "Now [there is] no such school. Now there is almost no youth in woods."

However, Evgeniy is still pursuing a career in forestry, even if it is not a popular occupation among his peers. Recently, he completed a six-year apprenticeship at suchkorubom and chikirovschikom and has reached the rank of a logger assistant.

"I worked hard to be promoted," Eugene Krassikov said, according to Oblastnaya Gazeta.

During the competition, logging brigades of five or six people worked to cut town several varieties of trees including pine, birch and larch. Each tree measured approximately 82 feet high and averaged 80 to 100 years in age.

Despite not winning the competition, the Krassikov men were please with their performances in the competition.

"We were strong competitors," Sergei Krassikov said, Oblastnaya Gazeta reports. "The winners-- loggers from Karelia, started to train for two weeks before the event. In this championship, we learned many professional nuances, so the next time we will prepare seriously."