Monday, June 18, 2018

Yekaterinburg to organize charitable support programs for Ukrainian refugees

On Friday, members of Yekaterinburg's advisory council on international relations voted to organize charitable support programs for Ukrainian refugees.

The Middle Urals has seen an increased influx of Ukrainian refugees seeking to escape the violent conflict unfolding in the region, reports.

The Rostov region has seen the highest increase in Ukranian refugees in the Urals--many of whom who arrive have traveled from as far away as Crimea and other border areas of Ukraine.

The city's plan seeks to address the fact that when refugees depart their native lands, they often do not bring with them supplies needed for survival in unfamiliar territories, according to

Under the proposal, a donation drive will be organized where Ural-area citizens can contribute items which would be helpful for Ukrainian refugees as they travel away from their homes.