Thursday, March 22, 2018

AMC-ICPC competition features "Mobile Madness" cellular recycling event

Ural Federal University hosted an event during the AMC-ICPC Student Championship 2014 on Wednesday that encouraged participants to recycle their old mobile phones.

The "Mobile Madness" event included five stations with such events as curling and bowling with the mobile devices. Participants could score points and win prizes at the different stations, and points could be cashed in for prizes from event sponsors and organizers.

First place in the competition went to Ilya Dikoma and Grigori Lebedev, who received a PSP game console for their reward. The second place team received an e-book, and third place took home a USB flash drive or bracelet.

Every participant received souvenirs from the three-day event, which was organized by Ural Federal University's Union of Students.