Thursday, July 19, 2018

Viktoria sports school to receive 23,000 square foot stadium

On Tuesday, Yekaterinburg municipal authorities approved an allocation of land for the construction of a 23,000 square foot stadium to be used by the city's Viktoria youth sports school.

The stadium will be located next to Yekaterinburg's JBI wooded park facing 40 Year Komsomol Street, reports.

Prior to its allocation as the site of Viktoria sports complex, the plot of land was to be turned into municipal playgrounds. Construction of the playgrounds, however, was cancelled due to discrepancies in planning.

Residents of the area are largely in favor of the sports complex in Yekaterinburg's because the land is currently unoccupied and is in disrepair, according to

"Revival of the stadium approved and district leaders who proposed to build on the streets an outdoor sports complex," Vladimir Kritsky, the deputy of the seventh district, said, reports. "[The complex] equally could be used by residents of the neighborhood as well as by the pupils of Viktoria."

Current plans for the sports complex include basketball and volleyball courts, as well as an indoor fitness facility equipped with treadmills.