Monday, July 23, 2018

Business Eurasia class offers professional mentoring to business students

Organizers of the fifth Eurasian Economic Youth Forum held a separate event in Yekaterinburg on Monday entitled "Business Eurasia," giving business students an opportunity to be mentored by industry professionals.

One of the components of Business Eurasia was the business and IT master class, where student participants were able to present their business projects to a panel of experts and investors representing large multinational corporations.

"The business world is very large," Business Eurasia panelist Andrei Sapozhnikov said. "It requires achieve high bars, as well as a very wide world. You can look to the left, to the right, and find the business idea that will blow you for a lifetime. This is a difficult process. Our task-- to differentiate formats [which] allow young people to make their choice."

Later in the day, some students opted to participate in a course focused on optimizing business start-up ideas. Groups of students were given the opportunity to present their ideas for startup businesses and defend their positions to another panel of investors and industry leaders. Xenia Perevyazkovoy, a business student in Yekaterinburg, was declared the winner of the event.

At the conclusion of the day-long event, each student who participated in Business Eurasia was given a certificate of completion.