Thursday, March 22, 2018

Russian Ministry of Energy to collaborate with Skolkovo on domestic energy

Last week, the Russian Ministry of Energy announced its intent to collaborate with the Skolkovo Foundation and other groups to develop efficient domestic energy solutions.

"Domestic production, which I saw today-- quality," Russian Minister of Energy Alexander Novak said during the 21st World Petroleum Congress. "The main problem for energy-efficient innovation today is the lack of orders from large companies and a lack of communication between the developers and the consumers of these products."

Novak said the Ministry of Energy has begun working with several technology groups to develop more energy-efficient practices in metallurgical and mining exploration, production and processing.

"We will closely cooperate with developers, including Skolkovo, to expand the groups to dock with innovative companies and startups," Novak said.

Approximately 80 companies participated in the forum last week at Skolkovo, which is owned in part by Uzbek mogul Iskander Makhmudov. They presented their developments in clean energies designed for use by Russian industrialists.