Saturday, June 23, 2018

Aeroexpress launches updated app compatible with iOS devices

Aeroexpress announced last week that its mobile application is now compatible with smartphones and tablets running the iOS 7 operating system.

The updated version of the Aeroexpress application also addresses bugs and glitches from the previous version and introduces an improved interface and navigation functions.

Now, customers can purchase multiple tickets from the same screen using a slider feature and order a taxi cab to and from the train station. Tickets purchased from the Aeroexpress application also no longer need to be printed, allowing customers to scan a QR code generated on their devices' screens when boarding.

"We are doing everything possible to ensure that all categories of passengers was convenient to use our services," Aeroexpress Commercial Rustam Akiniyazov. "The new version of the mobile application for iOS 7 took into account the changes that were made to the operating system and [we] did our best to adapt the application in accordance to [Apple]. We strive to keep up with the time and, where possible, even ahead of it. It is therefore important for us to constantly monitor all technological changes ands innovations that are taking place in the IT-industry."