Thursday, June 21, 2018

Nizhny Tagil streets equipped with video traffic monitoring system

Rostelecom announced last week that it has completed the installation of Safe City, a video traffic monitoring system in Nizhny Tagil.

Safe City was designed to help law enforcement agencies identify traffic violations and criminal activities on the streets throughout the day, especially during hours where police presence in the city is lighter. Cameras are able to capture traffic violations and criminal activities instantly and report the information to police.

"It's an effective method of preventing and fighting crime," Sverdlovsk Deputy Minister of Transport and Communications Sergei Frolov said. "Introduction of such systems helps expand the capacity of the road network in the area and to minimize traffic congestion."

The Safe City system includes more than 70 fixed, rotating and panoramic cameras installed at high-traffic intersections in Nizhny Tagil, including Parkhomenko Street, Permovayskaya Street, Goroshnikova Street, Krasnogvardeiskaya Street, Glory Square, Lenin Avenue and in Bondin Park. Other cameras have been installed around the city's kindergartens and secondary schools.

When one of the system's cameras detects a traffic violation, the image is sent to a database revealing the vehicle's registration information. The system also has the capacity of identifying a human face from up to 492 feet away.

Similar systems are in use in Oslo and Stockholm, where police officials have noticed a 25 percent to 30 percent decrease in criminal activities. Traffic violations in those cities have decreased by three times.