Friday, August 17, 2018

City completes inspection of site for Siniye Kamni pedestrian crossing

On Tuesday, Yekaterinburg city officials completed an inspection of a future site that will serve as a pedestrian crossing for the Siniye Kamni neighborhood and nearby shopping centers.

The future pedestrian walkway will run back and forth across Siniye Kamni along the unused rail tracks connecting residents of both sides to one another's shopping facilities. Officials, however, have not yet selected a formal design plan, reports.

"Today [there is little] pedestrian connection between Siniye Kamni and neighborhoods located near shopping and entertainment over there," Alexander Yakob, the head of the city administration, said during the announcement, according to "The design decision at the time was found, but the developer did not realize it at the commissioning. Today the developer offered several strange [design plans, which are] not good, in my opinion."

Once officials have selected a design, crews are scheduled to break ground on the walkway later this year.